Rural & Remote

Connecting everyone

2G, 3G & 4G small cells

proven, low-power solutions for rural and remote networks where reliable, high-quality performance is required.

Reducing the digital divide, by delivering affordable connectivity and enhancing the quality of life for millions of people in communities ranging from Africa, Asia and the Middle East to the heart of the Amazon rainforest.

How we tackle
Rural & Remote

Reducing transmission costs to craft a compelling
business case  for low ARPU subscribers... HOW?

Solar and battery power

Satellite backhaul technology

Optimised bandwidth

Delivered with our
esteemed ecosystem of partners

Our successful partnership with ip.access has opened up a world of opportunities for communications in rural areas across the globe. We are now able to bring new, low-cost mobile services to those who have, up until now, been off the grid.
As the Satellite service providers we worked with ip.access to deliver small cell products to 15 isolated rural villages in French Guiana. Driving new business models for mobile network operators and providing much needed mobile services to remote locations that were previously impossible to reach cost-effectively.
Working with ip.access, we installed a small site with 2km coverage in less than a day, operating it very cost-effectively. We are excited to brings affordable Digicel mobile phone service to thousands of villagers in French Guiana, making their lives easier and safer
We needed a partner that could deliver a reliable, high quality solution for disaster response. ip.access was our partner of choice and together, in 2018, we efficiently implemented a rapidly deployable disaster response network in Makati City, the Philippines.
We developed our services to provide affordable access telephony in rural and remote areas, particularly for low ARPU communities. Together with ip.access & ViaSat, we are meeting the need of those underserved by mobile and indeed fixed telephone.

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