Data Monetisation

presence™ by ip.access

Get closer to your customers


for real-time, high accuracy cellular based handset detection unlocking location-based revenue opportunities for operators. Fast and simple to deploy, our 3G and 4G presenceSensors™ sit alongside the core network without consuming valuable network connection resources – and with no need for complex network management and integration.

The data is encrypted and anonymised at the point of collection before it is uploaded to ip.access’s secure cloud-based
Presence Collector. 

We are pleased to work with ip.access to add cellular micro-proximity to our capabilities. With rich data insight, presence™ enables us to help our customers in a variety of sectors understand what factors influence people visiting certain locations.
Having explored a variety of solutions to provide our B2B retail customers with better insights, only ip.access offered the ability to harness data on a geographical level that was simply not accessible before – and from inside any retail store

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